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An Interview Becomes a White Paper

The Challenge

The client was a global investment firm that serves as an institutional asset manager. They interviewed a recognized business consultant about asset managers outsourcing CXO duties in which they had limited expertise so they could focus on building advisory relationships with their clients.

The firm wanted this audio interview converted into written form.

The Solution

The client decided a problem/solution white paper was most optimal. It would use the interview discussion to summarize specific skills their asset manager clients don't have—the problem—that they might outsource to a fractional CXO to complete—the solution.

The Project Approach

I began by turning the transcribed interview into an outline for the member of the executive leadership team I worked with during the project. Since the client provided material for the white paper, when the outline got approved, I wrote the white paper.

Applying my journalism skills, I wrote the white paper like a long-form article. I used questions as headers to make it readily scannable by readers looking for specific information. I researched information the interview subject mentioned, but the client didn't provide, and I cited it in the white paper.

The Intended Outcome

This white paper made it easier for the firm to distribute the interview to its international client base. It showed readers how they could provide better asset management services to their clients by focusing on what they did best and outsourcing CXO tasks where they had limited expertise.

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